Welcome New Faculty!

Colleagues –
It is a time of great transition at the college – close to 60 faculty and staff retired over the summer, and we will be welcoming many new members to our group in the next few years. This fall we are welcoming 14 new permanent faculty members to the WCCEA. Please do your part to reach out to our new faculty!

Our new full time members are: Cynthia Brown (Nursing), Debra Eastman, (Nursing/Health Sciences), Alixe Gannon-Boss (Culinary Arts), Joyce Jenkins (Business), Michael Kontry (HVACR), Hava Levitt-Phillips (English), Mary Mullalond (English), Sharyl Politi (Culinary Arts), Melina Roberts (Nursing), Amanda Scheffler (Welding & Fabrication), Clair Sparklin (Communication), Rene Stark (Nursing), Ashley Webel (Welding & Fabrication) and Joseph Young (Welding & Fabrication). While new full time members may only vote in elections this first year if they choose to pay dues, in every other way they are full members of our unit.

Our new adjunct members are Lynn Allison, Aaron Anderson, Janel Baker, Jill Beauchamp, Sarah Buckius, Melinda Carlson, Linda Chapman, William Cleary, Heidi Dodson, Gary Downen, Steven Ennes, Patricia Fragner, Mary Giachino, David Goldberg, Paulette Grotrian, Ruth Hatcher, Beth Kane, Daniel Lawrence, Matthew Lee, Kenneth Lindow, Jon Lockard, Jessie Moroney, James Owens, Leah Parkinson, Judith Pawloski, Sara Schuman, Chris Siehl, Larry Taylor, Elizabeth Warner, and Ronald Werhnyak. New adjunct members pay a quarter of what full timers do in dues, but may vote in all elections.

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