SWOT Summary from August Board Retreat

Summary of WCCEA August 2010 Board Retreat SWOT
(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Session

We discussed the SWOT of WCC in terms of the institute, the administration, the WCCEA, and the WCC Faculty.  A strength that affects each area is that there is currently a problem-solving relationship between the WCCEA and administrator, rather than open hostility.  Shared strengths in each of the four areas include community support, a strong, engaged and committed faculty.  There are several strong areas in the administration (Human Resources, the bookstore), and several areas that could be improved.  Many faculty members feel disrespected and unappreciated by the administration and their colleagues.  Just about everyone here believes that they are working harder than others, and that they don’t receive either the recognition, freedom, respect, funding, salary or release time that they deserve.

Despite some improvements, the lack of public, transparent communication fosters distrust, suspicion and fear.  Faculty members aren’t consulted about changes in policy or facilities that directly affect or reflect upon their classroom practice.   Decisions appear to happen by decree, rather than through dialogue.  There are ongoing concerns with civility campus wide, along with an avoidance of conflict on the part of administration and faculty.

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