WCCEA Goals for 2010 – 2011

We hope to improve communication campus wide (with faculty in other areas, with administration, with the community, and from the WCCEA to its members.

We want to do a better job of reaching out to new and current members with information and resources.

We want to make it easier for Area Representatives to communicate with the membership (and vice versa).

By using the WCCEA Word Press blog, we plan to make union leadership more accessible, and make it easier for members to hear from their union board about ongoing issues and concerns that the union is addressing.

WCCEA Board members are asked to create accounts at Word Press (http://wordpress.com).  Once you have an account, and have activated it, email Jennifer Baker at jlbaker@wccnet.edu .

She’ll add you as a author to the site, and each board member will be able to post comments, and upload documents to the blog.  Each board member is asked to compose a little bio, introducing themselves to the membership at large. Please include how long you’ve taught at WCC, what department you are in, as well as which committees you are or have been involved with.

Once that information is at the blog, we will be asking the membership at large to visit the site in order to see how to contact their Area Representatives, as well as the WCCEA Executive Board.

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