Election of Area Representatives

Let me extend a warm welcome to our new General Education Representatives, Dena Blair and Ken Lindow and to our new Occupational Education Representative, Russ Ferguson.  Many thanks to all of our area representatives for stepping up to serve our membership.

Here is the complete list of area representatives elected on April 7th, 2011:

Occupational Education Representatives

Connie Foster, Occupational Education Representative
Phone: (734) 973–3418
Email: cfoster@wccnet.edu
Office: TI 232

Russ Ferguson, Occupational Education Representative
Phone: (734) 973-3504
Email: rferguson@wccnet.edu
Office: OE 170K

Sherry MacGregor, Occupational Education Representative
Phone: (734) 677–5015
Email: smac@wccnet.edu
Office: BE 211

Professional Student Services Representative

Brad D. Hoth, Professional Student Services Representative
Phone: (734) 973–3676
Email: bhoth@wccnet.edu
Office: OE 170D

General Education Representatives

Dena Blair, General Education Representative
Phone: (734) 973–3727
Email: dlblair@wccnet.edu
Office: LA 130 Q

Ken Lindow, General Education Representative
Phone: (734) 477-8715
Email: klindow@wccnet.edu
Office: GM 300 CC

Mike King, General Education Representative
Phone: (734) 677–5152
Email: mking@wccnet.edu
Office: LA 300 U

Mimi Norwood, General Education Representative
Phone: (734) 973–3331
Email: mnorwood@wccnet.edu
Office: GM 300 FF

Tom Zimmerman, General Education Representative
Phone: (734) 973–3703
Email: tzman@wccnet.edu
Office: LA 300H

Classified Faculty Representative

Justin Morningstar, Classified Faculty Representative
Phone: (734) 677–8953
Email: jmorning@wccnet.edu
Office: OE 102 R


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