WCC’s 1st Woman President – Dr. Rose Bellanca

The WCC Board of Trustees has completed its due diligence and successfully negotiated a contract with Dr. Rose Bellanca to be the next president of Washtenaw Community College. Her initial three-year contract begins August 1, 2011 and ends June 30, 2014.

Dr. Bellanca’s Bio
Dr. Rose B. Bellanca joined Northwood University as a member of the University Officer Team and the Florida campus provost and Chief Operating Officer on August 27, 2008.
Dr. Bellanca served as the president of St. Clair County Community College (SC4) from 2002-2009. Previously, she was provost and chief academic officer of Macomb Community College (MCC) from 1996 to 2002 and vice president for planning and development prior to that role. She has taught in the Doctoral Program for Wayne State University in the area of Administration and Organizational Studies and in the area of Management for MCC.
Dr. Bellanca has also served in senior executive positions as the Executive Director for Personnel and Labor Relations, Executive Director for Strategic Planning, Marketing/Public Relations, and Staff Development in the Office of the Superintendent; the Director of Technology,and the Director of Vocational-Technical and Adult Education.
Dr. Bellanca earned her associate of applied arts degree from Macomb Community College. She went on to Wayne State University and earned a bachelor of science degree in family life education, a master’s degree in education and industrial arts, an educational specialist certificate in administration and supervision, and a doctorate of education in administration and organizational studies.

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One Response to WCC’s 1st Woman President – Dr. Rose Bellanca

  1. truth says:

    The hiring of Dr. Rose Bellanca as Washtenaw Community College president should give pause. To the able and the willing, I ask that you seriously consider the WCC board members who made this decision.

    1) Dr. Bellanca nearly fired one of the best English teachers at Macomb County Community College: John C. Bonnell.

    Academic Freedom of Students and Professors, and Political Discrimination
    Web-site: http://www.aaup.org/report/academic-freedom-students-and-professors-and-political-discrimination.

    In a 2005 CHE article, Bonnell made the following comments.

    “Question from John C. Bonnell, Macomb Community College, MI: The community college where I teach has successfully suspended “academic freedom” and freedom of speech generally. It does this, in part, because it believes it owes this to the “conservative” community of which it is the flagship institution. It has devised, and vigorously if selectively enforces, a speech code which apparently meets the approval of a complaisant federal judiciary (Sixth Circuit). Is this phenomenon growing throughout the nation? Is it your understanding that community colleges should practice censorship when they have reason to believe that such repression comports with community values?

    Jamilah Evelyn: You waged a pretty significant court battle against Macomb, which said that you had created a “hostil learning environment,” no? (Please correct me if I am wrong but I felt the need to put that out there for the sake of full disclosure.) It is true that because of their close community ties, community-college officials–and their policies–are sometimes expected to reflect the values of the local community, and there are times when that will cause conflicts with academic freedom. But I can also think of a college in a conservative community in Texas–San Antonio, if I’m not mistaken–that stood up for a professor whose classroom comments did not reflect the mores of some prominent leaders in the community. So I’m not sure that this is a growing phenomenon but certainly the kind of situation that we watch out for at The Chronicle. If it does rise to the level of a “trend” you can bet we’ll do a story :)”

    Dr. Bellanca paved the way for the preceding occurance.

    2) Her cronie provost, Gus Demas was censured.

    Demas’ censure speaks to college’s flawed leadership
    Web-site: http://www.thetimesherald.com/article/20060608/OPINION03/606080321/Demas-censure-speaks-college-s-flawed-leadership



    In this 2006 article, the following assertion was made.

    “For a couple of years now, the faculty has repeatedly expressed its serious concerns about the poor communication and disservice to students this administration is causing. Other employee groups also are dissatisfied. But our concerns have been ignored and poor decisions ramrodded through a Board of Trustees mostly asleep at the wheel.”

    Again, I ask that you seriously consider the WCC board members who made the decision to hire Rose Bellanca.

    3) A cronie of Dr. Bellanca visited a board member at SC4 and urged him to treat the then SC4 president with more respect.

    Governing Board ‘Gag Order’
    Web-site: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2005/04/21/stclair

    On that website, the following comments were made.

    “For the last three years, Thomas A. Hamilton has increasingly become a minority of one on the seven-member Board of Trustees of St. Clair County Community College, regularly challenging policies adopted by the two-year institution’s president and questioning whether the board is fulfilling its obligations to oversee and assess her performance….the board, in a new code of ethics it adopted last November, barred its members from talking to ‘students, faculty or employees without first notifying the college president’…”

    Again, I ask that you seriously consider the WCC board members who made the decision to hire Rose Bellanca.

    4) Bellanca boasts of a Italian-American heritage and a boot-strap work ethic that she developped from her parents. You may find it helpful to draw comparisons with the Itailian mafia. She is a smart person. She was able to convince a board that a struggling student who got through an ED.D. program at Wayne State University was better than a University of Iowa Ph.D. in in Higher Education Administration who has completed post-graduate study at Harvard University.

    Again, I ask that you seriously consider the WCC board members who made the decision to hire Rose Bellanca. The consequence of failure to do something is that professors will be hurt and students will be underserved.

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