Board Member Profile – Kathleen Butcher

Hi to everyone in the WCCEA. I would very much like to introduce myself. I am your treasurer and have held this position for the past three terms. It has been my pleasure and priviledge to serve in this capacity. Over my 22 years at the college I have held many other jobs within the WCCEA including Area Board Rep for Math and Natural Sciences, Represenatative to the Assembly (RA), Secretary, as well as Vice President.
At the college I teach chemistry and am currently the Department Chair for the Physical Science Department.
I am not much of a blogger…never kept a diary and tend to write really short/direct e-mails so I will not be sharing my hopes and dreams with all of you at this point.
Suffice it to say…I love working at the college and I do believe that together we create a learning environment that is surpassed by none for our students and with the help of all of us in the WCCEA a work environment that makes each of us feel we are free and supported to be and do the best we can each day we are here.
Peace out…Kathy

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