WCCEA Board Goals for 2011-2012

At our annual Fall Retreat the WCCEA Board committed to the following goals for the 2011/12 academic year:

  • Prepare for negotiations.
    • Initiate a joint faculty / administrative health care study task force.
    • Create a joint faculty / administrative committee to discuss evaluation alternatives and/or additions to SOQ system.
  • Improve communication with the membership through more active engagement with their representatives and other communication initiatives.
    • Have board members visit department meetings in either October or November to give members the opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns, etc. in the smaller department setting.
    • Develop themes for the monthly WCCEA membership meetings and include short presentations from board members.
    • Create a quarterly email newsletter.
    • Expand the use of the WCCEA blog for news to the membership.
  • Continue outreach efforts to adjuncts and new members.
    • Host our 2nd annual faculty welcome event for new faculty to meet the board and receive an introductory overview to MEA membership.
    • Host our 2nd annual adjunct recognition event and improve attendance through personal invites.
  • Increase awareness of legislative issues affecting our membership.
    • Dedicate monthly meeting time to educating the membership on current legislative issues and offer options of political action.
    • Create an opt-in opportunity for distribution of MEA legislative updates via email.
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