Additional Sick Bank Hour possible for Adjunct Faculty!

Last semester the WCCEA Board approved a request that the Adjunct access to the WCCEA sick bank be increased from 8 hours to 9 hours (the thinking was: many adjuncts can teach 9 hours a week, but if they miss an entire week due to illness or hospitalization, they would end up being docked an hour’s pay).  We are happy to announce that we raised this issue in Contract Implementation and the Administration agreed.  The Letter of Agreement (LOA) was added to the contract earlier this month.  While of course, we don’t want anyone to get ill, we’re glad that should such a hardship befall an adjunct faculty member, at least a week of sick bank hours would be available to them, as of this semester.

Should you be an adjunct, and have any questions about how accessing the sick bank hours works, please contact Maryam Barrie via email at .

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