Congratulations to our newly elected Board

Here are the results of the March 8th WCCEA election:


The results are in and the following individuals have been elected to serve as your Officers and Area Representatives.

Jennifer Baker

1st Vice President
Maryam Barrie

2nd Vice President
Bonnie Tew

Tom Zimmerman

Kathleen Butcher

R.A. Delegates
Mike King
Justin Carter

Professional Services Area Rep
Bradley Hoth

Classified Faculty Area Rep
Justin Morningstar

Gen Ed Area Reps
Dena Blair
Breege Concannon
Kenneth Lindow
Mimi Norwood
David Wooten

Occ Ed Area Reps
Sherry MacGregor
Connie Foster
There was a tie for the third Occ Ed Area Rep position between Russell Ferguson and Cristy Lindemann.  As our Bylaws do not seem to specify how ties are to be resolved, a method will be announced after a review of Robert’s Rules of Order and consultation with the WCCEA leadership and the two candidates.

Please join me in congratulating everyone who was elected and thanking everyone who ran.

Gregg Heidebrink
WCCEA Elections Chair

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