Contract Revisions

As of August 25th, 2012, we have a new contract!  Here is a summary of the major changes made during negotiations.

Revisions in the 2012-2015 Contract

1)      Pay:  A 2% pay raise on the steps (i.e., horizontal from year-to-year) in each year of the contract.

2)      Health Care:  The Heath Care Language has been revised in response to legislation enacted by the State of Michigan and to reflect the health care options that were given to the Independent Group in 2012 .

The most important aspects about the changes are as follows:

a)      Faculty will be offered three health care plans:  the BCBSN PPO (currently offered), the Blue Care Network HMO (currently offered), and BCBSM Simply Blue PPO (new).

b)      The BCBSM Simply Blue PPO is a high deductible plan that is comparable in coverage to the Blue Care Network plan.  The college will fund the entire deductible via a Health Savings Account in the employee’s name.  Health Savings Accounts differ from Flexible Spending Accounts in the sense that if you don’t use the money in any given year, you keep it and it can be used for future health care expenses.

c)       The College has the right to terminate access to any plan whose enrollment in any benefit year falls below 10% of the WCCEA membership.  That termination would happen in the subsequent benefit year.

d)      We have agreed to consider the addition and/or deletion of plans to the contract if plans become available that are comparable in their coverage.

e)      Last year the State of Michigan mandated that the college had to choose between a cap cost on healthcare or paying no more than 80% of an employee’s health care costs (leaving the employee to pay 20% of their healthcare costs).  We have bargained into the healthcare language a clause that states that the college will choose the option (between the cap or 20% pay) that is in the best interest of the college’s employees.

f)       The rebate for members who opt out of medical insurance coverage has been raised from $1500 to $2000.

g)      These benefits plans will take effect on January 1, 2013.  Plans that are currently in place will continue until December 31, 2012.

3)      Department Chair Compensation:  The LOA, under which we have been operating for the 2011-2012 academic year, has been rolled into the contract (Paras 0121.1 – 0121.7).

4)      Full Time Faculty Retraining:  Current contract language (Para 0312.3) provides that faculty whose programs are closed or reduced in size have only two semesters to retrain in a new discipline.  The new language permits those faculty five base load semesters to retrain, which is what new faculty (2nd Para of 202.1)  lacking proper certification upon their hire have to achieve that certification.

5)      Association Release Time:  Increased from 12 hours per semester to 15 hours per semester.

6)      Statement of Annual Obligation:  This letter of agreement has been rolled into the contract (Para 0506).

7)      Additional Letters of Agreement Rolled into the Contract:  As noted above, the DC LOA and the annual obligation LOA have been rolled into the contract.  We also have rolled several longstanding LOAs into the contract because, in each and every case, we thought it served the interests of the membership to do so.  Those LOAs are:

“Interpretation of Outside Funding”
“Faculty Advisor to Phi theta Kappa”
“Classified Faculty Paid Time Off”
“Assessment Steering Committee Reassigned Time”.

8)      Contract Training LOA:  The Contract Training LOA has been revised so that faculty who conduct contract training are subject to the same load limits as are other faculty.

 9)      Curriculum Committee:  The membership of the Curriculum Committee has been changed to require at least two members from the occupational education disciplines and at least two from the general education disciplines.

10)   Staff Vacancies (Para 301.1):  The language has been changed to require that the College provide the WCCEA three working days’ notice prior to posting any job posting for a full-time instructional position or for any administrative position at the dean level or higher.

11)  Faculty Evaluation (SOQ):  We have re-signed the LOA that currently exists.  A faculty-administration committee working outside of the formal negotiation process is putting together a new faculty evaluation system.

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  1. There’s a link to the contract in the menu at the top of the blog.

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