WCCEA Board Goals for 2012-2013

At our annual Fall Retreat the WCCEA Board committed to the following goals for the 2012/13 academic year:

WCCEA Board Goals for 2012/13

Prepare for and complete adjunct negotiation
Hold input sessions / reception.
Choose bargaining team.

Complete revision of faculty evaluation system.
Study trial online system with new questions.
Gather best practices in faculty evaluation from other institutions.

Support election 2012 initiatives.
Recommend Board of Trustee candidates.
Distribute MEA election recommendations to the membership.
Provide election information at October & November membership meetings.

Continue communication improvement efforts with and among members.
October & November department meeting visits by WCCEA board members
Post contract revision on WCCEA Blog.
Hold new member welcome event.
Reinstitute follow up department chair meetings.
Facilitate informational meetings concerning SB 1040.
Facilitate informational meetings concerning healthcare insurance changes.

Review and revise WCCEA bylaws.
Form subcommittee to review and recommend revisions.
Board approval of revisions.
Membership approval of revisions.
Submission of revisions to MEA.

Hold OPT appreciation event.

Work as a faculty to bring textbook prices down for our students.

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