MEA Election Recommendations

MEA recommends these candidates for the education posts:

Washtenaw Community College Board of Trustees
Full six (6) year terms (2 positions):
Richard J. Landau
Diana McKnight Morton

Partial two (2) year term (1 position):
Patrick McLean

Michigan State Board of Education (2 positions):
Michelle Fecteau
Lupe Ramos-Montigny

Michigan State University Board of Trustees (2 positions):
Joel Ferguson
Brian Mosallam

University of Michigan Board of Regents (2 positions):
Mark Bernstein
Shauna Ryder Diggs

Wayne State University Board of Governors (2 positions):
Sandra Hughes O’Brien
Kim Trent

MEA recommends these Michigan Supreme Court candidates:

Full eight (8) year term (2 positions):
Connie Marie Kelley
Bridget Mary McCormack

Partial two (2) year term (1 position):
Shelia Johnson

In Michigan House District 52, the MEA has this recommendation.

 Gretchen Driskell

This is a district many of our members live in and it is thought to be one that we can win.

There are also recommendations for most of the other districts.  Go to for more information.

MEA recommends the following votes on the 6 proposals:

Proposal 1 – allow Emergency Manager   NO

Proposal 2 – collective bargaining           YES

Proposal 3 – establish standard for renewable energy   YES

Proposal 4 – Provide collective bargaining for in-home care workers  YES

Proposal 5 – require super majority or statewide vote to raise taxes    NO

Proposal 6 – require statewide vote for new international bridge or tunnel – no position

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