Maryam Barrie’s Email Calling for a Vote of No Confidence

Dear Membership,
Over the past 18 months, department chairs and the WCCEA have had on-going conversations regarding the state of the College.  A vote of no confidence in President Bellanca has always been a part of that conversation.
With the recent resignations of three of our five academic deans, along with the uncertain outcome of the current Vice President of Instruction search, we are facing a crisis. We cannot overstate the significance of the institutional knowledge that will be lost with these deans as well as several other key personnel who have resigned or been fired in the past few months.  As you may have read in my speeches to the Board of Trustees in March and April, these losses are eroding the ability of the College to accomplish its core mission.
Last night, the WCCEA Board met and discussed at length whether or not to hold a vote of no confidence in President Bellanca. The Board voted unanimously that such a vote should be held at the general membership meeting on Thursday, May 1, 2014.
Attached you will find a resolution approved by the WCCEA Board outlining the justifications for this vote as well as a jpeg file of the document’s last page containing the signatures of all WCCEA Board members who were in attendance.
The voting on May 1, 2014, will be done according to WCCEA voting procedures by anonymous paper ballot.
It is imperative that you attend the meeting and cast your anonymous vote. Please contact any member of the WCCEA Board or its executive members if you have any questions about this email or the attachments.
Keep in mind, our beloved institution is in a position that has deteriorated even further since last year.
Maryam Barrie
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