Maryam’s Press Release

Maryam Barrie’s Press Release
Announcing this vote doesn’t bring me happiness – in no way is this a win for our union, or for the school.  It is an affirmation that there is a problem here. Often, faculties come to the point of calling for No Confidence Votes when their salaries or job security is on the line.  That is not the case here. What we are doing here is, I think, unique.  We are not focused on increasing our compensation from the school, and we are not asking for more time off.  We are asking for accountability from an administration that has failed to instill confidence and trust with the faculty.  People, whether they are faculty or not, are NOT comfortable speaking up.  People do Fear retribution.  Because of this, as faculty members at WCC, we are concerned about the health and future of the school… a school that many of us have served for decades.  We are concerned about how the Board of Trustee policies are not being upheld by the administration.  We are concerned about how many good people have left the college in the last few years, and about how many employees are seeking legal counsel as they consider their future at the college.  We are concerned about the lack of transparency with which our president conducts business.  We are concerned about financial resources being moved away from students, and away from instruction. Above all, we are really deeply concerned about how these changes will affect our current and future students.  We love this school, and we want it to be here and healthy, long into the future.

What this vote does bring me is a sense that our membership does understand how the climate here at WCC has degenerated and how urgently action is needed. We want to work with the BOT to help this institution recover.  While it may appear to some that the WCCEA is agitating dissent, we are simply using the limited resources we have to communicate to the BOT and to the community at large, that things at WCC are in crisis. 


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