Maryam’s 7th Speech to the Board of Trustees (August 12, 2014)

Hi thank you for meeting today. Because you’re here simply to discuss and hopefully approve the adjunct contract, I don’t want to take up your time, or use this opportunity as a place to comment on the troubles we’re experiencing here at the school. For that reason, I won’t go into my disappointment that WCC’s human resource department fell in line with others in the state in promoting the Mackinac center’s antiunion agenda. I won’t go into how disturbing it was yesterday to learn that despite promises made to the student newspaper, The Washtenaw Voice, that award-winning newspaper’s adviser will no longer be allowed to work with the students. What I would like to do is think the board for meeting today. Had you not agreed to have a special meeting today, the 122 or so adjunct faculty members of Washtenaw Community College, who are such a vital and important part of our educational community, would not have received the 2% raise we were able to negotiate in their first paycheck. Given recent changes in the law, they would not have been able to receive that increase in backpay. Your willingness to meet today will mean at least several bags of groceries of pay for each of our adjunct members. On their behalf, thank you. I owe particular thanks to Dr. Rose Bellanca, who of her own initiative reached out to me asking if it would serve our members for her to ask you to meet today. Despite not hearing back from me in a timely manner, Dr. Bellanca went ahead and made the arrangements which resulted in your meeting today. Thank you Dr. Bellanca, and thank you, trustee members.

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