WCCEA Board Actions 2014-2015

• Vote of No Confidence
• Letter to HLC (interminable follow ups to HLC)
• Interviewing BOT candidates
• Endorsing Ruth Hatcher, Dave Davarti and Mark Freeman for BOT
• Back Channel communications with BOT
• Maryam’s monthly comments to BOT
• Unity Breakfasts and Luncheons during In-service sessions
• The WCCEA Martin Luther King, Jr. quote T-Shirt project (thanks to Justin Morningstar)
• FOIA requests to administration in preparation for negotiations
• Inviting Dennis Bila to speak at March WCCEA monthly meeting
• Three Union Leader Events (WCCEA, MEA-OPT, and AFSCME 1921)
• WCCEA Board and Department Third Annual Retreat
• Publication of For The Record
• The WCCEA blog updates
• Evaluation committee (Bonnie Tew, David Wooten and Michael Duff)
• VPI hiring committee round 2 (Dave Wooten, Kelley Gottschang, Allen Day and Maryam Barrie)

If you have any questions, please email any of the area representatives: https://wccea.wordpress.com/about/

This list may be modified.

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