Maryam’s 12th BOT speech

12 BOT Speech 24 March 2015

Good Evening.
As President of the WCCEA, I have the contractual right to address you at each monthly BOT meeting. I take that seriously, and view it as both a responsibility and a privilege. I’m not sure if you are aware that I represent roughly 170 full time faculty and just over 120 adjunct faculty. The other two unionized groups on campus do not have the contractual right to address you each month, yet the work that their members do is also important to the school, and vital for our students. The MEA-OPT members work as Office Professionals throughout the school, providing a variety of administrative support to staff and faculty through the school. They are often the people letting our students know where they need to be, and they help the faculty and staff look as though we know what we are doing. I’m happy to introduce their current President, Crystal Sims, to you. She has just under 100 members that work throughout the school and keep us functioning. The AFSCME 1921 membership includes custodial, building and grounds support. These roughly 70 or so workers keep our campus beautiful and safe. They keep the bathrooms, classrooms and hallways clean. They keep the parking lots and sidewalks plowed. They help make our campus beautiful inside and out – and they too are regularly in positions to help our students, and visitors to our campus, make it to where they are going. I’m proud to introduce David Malcolm, the current Bargaining Chair for AFSCME, to you tonight.

As you know from my remarks last month, the three unionized groups have been working at communicating better with one another. Just from what I’ve mentioned here, you can tell that each group relies heavily on one another. Without a clean and safe campus, without support for your administrators and faculty, and without teachers, we’d have no school. None of us exist in a vacuum. We all have to work together to create the strong future this institution deserves.

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