Congratulations and Thanks to Newly Elected Board Members

Thanks to those all of you who ran for a position on the WCCEA Board.  I’ve updated the Board members at the “Contact Us” section of the blog to reflect the election results.  Robert Hatcher will be replacing Mike King as one of our Representative Assembly folk.  These positions are very important as they connect us to the rest of the MEA groups in the county and state. Mike did a wonderful job for us, and I appreciate Bob being willing to join Justin Carter (we are entitled to two RAs, given our size) in taking on this demanding and time consuming work.

We have several new Board members – welcome Shawn Deron, Jean Miller and Gregg Heidebrink! While serving as a Board Representative may appear to only involve attending monthly meetings, this group is the central way the Union leadership can hear from and communicate with the members at large. I’ve asked Area Representatives to speak at each monthly Board meeting, so that we all have a broader frame of reference for our decisions.

We did not have any adjunct candidates for Area Representatives, and our By-laws now require us to have at least one adjunct member.  I’ve asked Michael Smith, who served as an Area Representative last year, and participated in last year’s Adjunct negotiations, if he is willing to be re-appointed to the board.  He agreed, so he is stuck now.

Our next WCCEA Board meeting will be Thursday, April 23, 2015.  If you have concerns or issues that the Board should be aware of, please use the information on the “Contact Us” page to let one of your Board members know.  In addition to the regular business of the board, we will most likely have a brief update on Negotiations, which officially begin Friday, April 17, and on the work of the Evaluation committee.

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