Maryam’s 14th Speech to the Board

14th BOT Speech 19 May 2015
Good evening. I realize that you have a special focus tonight, so I will keep my remarks brief.

I don’t know if you are aware that the Deans sent out letters to their faculty members last week taking responsibility for the remaining problems outlined in the rebuttal we were invited to provide by the HLC recently. I’ve printed a copy of that letter for you, with my reply on the other side. In that reply, I reassured them that faculty don’t have unreasonable expectations of them, and that we appreciate the work they are doing.

To be clear, we don’t hold the very recently appointed deans responsible for the cultural climate here at WCC.

I wish I was able to report good news to you about the ongoing negotiations between your designated representatives and my negotiation team. Perhaps at your regularly scheduled meeting next week, I’ll have better news to report. For now, I’ll just share that despite a mild and friendly pre-negotiation meeting, which we have typically held to discuss what topics will be addressed in negotiations, my team was presented with your representatives’ proposed 72 substantive changes to the contract. To say this was a surprise would be an understatement.

Thank you for your time.

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