Maryam’s 17th speech to the Board of Trustees

17h BOT Speech 28 July 2015
Good evening.

I hope you have received a copy of the letter the HLC sent to President Bellanca on July 13th. I got this at the end of last week, and was heartened to hear that the HLC is looking for an update from her on how communications have improved between her and the faculty by next January. I also look forward to learning what the ‘communication plan’ is that the letter refers to.

The WCCEA includes a diverse group. While you may be most familiar with the Professional Faculty group, much important work that involves helping students directly with advising and specific hands-on instruction is done by the Classified Faculty. This group provides important services to our students. While Professional Faculty are salaried employees, Classified Faculty get paid hourly.

The college let the WCCEA know last week in CI that they are moving the Classified Faculty to Ultratime, which means that rather than filling out paper time sheets, the Classified Faculty will either log in via computer or fob in in the hall. While of course the college has the right to do this, I think people adapt to change more readily when their voices are included in the conversation. I hope that as we move forward, my Classified Faculty members will have a voice in how this change happens.

My Chief Negotiator, David Fitzpatrick, and I met briefly with Dr. Bellanca today, along with VP Kruzel, VP Abernethy and Julie Morrison to affirm that we plan to work together as we get more specific guidelines from the HLC about the faculty qualification policy changes that organization has recently adopted. Since the specific guidelines won’t be announced by HLC until the end of August, and since it will take some time to determine how many faculty may be affected by the policy change, I appreciate knowing early on that Dr. Bellanca plans on working closely with the WCCEA.

As you know, Dr. Bellanca has invited most of the entire negotiating team to dinner following tonight’s meeting. We look forward to joining you.


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