David and Mike’s Speech to Board of Trustees, February 25,2016

WCCEA Speech to Board of Trustees
February 25, 2016
Talking points

David Fitzpatrick
• Thanks to Lynn Martin for her briefing us at CI last week.
• Thanks to the President for her advanced copy of the final reply to the HLC in regards to our complaint. She had asked to provide feedback to her about the report and we will will communicate our concerns to her privately.
• As the BOT is going into closed session to consider a package for tuition reimbursement for faculty who do not meet HLC standards and urge them to include adjuncts in that discussion.
• The WCCEA anxiously awaits word on how the HLC credentialing issues will impact our part-timers, and we hope that the Board considers how best to support these valuable staff.

Mike Duff
• Autorama begins tomorrow and runs through Sunday.
• Thanks for the support for the Advanced Transportation grant. Faculty are looking forward to working with Damon’s team as the grant equipment gets installed during our narrow window of time before Ironworkers are on campus in July and UA in August.
• Thanks to VPI Nealon for the opportunity to attend the First Year Experience conference in Orlando earlier this week. The team, led by Dean Good, looks forward to further discussion.

Please see the link below to view the meeting in its entirety.



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