David’s Speech to Board of Trustees, March 22, 2016

WCCEA Speech to Board of Trustees
March 22, 2016
Talking points from Dr. David Fitzpatrick, WCCEA President

Thank you to VP Damon Flowers for his support and consideration in figuring out a plan to accommodate office space needs of the adjunct and part-time faculty. The WCCEA looks forward to long-term solutions that will help faculty serve their students. Currently, the office space in LA has room for a limited number of instructors, and obviously, this space is utilized differently throughout the day. The BE faculty area also has some space for adjunct and part-time faculty, but this still means that GM, TI, OE, and ML lack formal areas for our faculty. Again, we appreciate Damon’s efforts to help find additional space in other buildings for our faculty to meet with students and do the good work they do.

Notes: (LA PT-Commons)

    • Work-stations with computer: 21 total
    • Semi-private cubicle space with small table & dry ease board:3
    • Today at 1:30 pm: The work stations were about half full and 1 of the 3 conversational spaces were being used by an instructor who was talking to a student.

The WCCEA leadership had a productive conversation with Dr. Bellanca two weeks ago concerning HLC credentialing issues and reimbursement for those needing to return to school. After another conversation with VP Kruzel on Monday, I am hopeful that we can reach a fair and equitable resolution for both the full-time and adjunct faculty. Also, I am grateful to work on a joint letter with Julie Morrison to HLC requesting clarification regarding the credential guidelines.

Thank you

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