David’s Speech to the Board of Trustees: April 26, 2016

WCCEA Speech to Board of Trustees
April 26, 2016
Talking points from Dr. David Fitzpatrick, WCCEA President

  • I am happy to announce that the members of the WCCEA have unanimously approved the adjunct contract. This is a very good contract that was reached quickly and fairly. I would like to thank my negotiation team: Jason Withrow, Michelle Garey, Phil Valrance, Riyadh Bahkali, and Bob Hatcher. Doug Kruzel and Marla Stuck were outstanding professionals during this work. I urge the Board to approve this contract.
  • I am also happy to announce that on Monday I signed the Letter of Agreement for full-time faculty needing additional credits to meet the HLC standards. Dr. Bellanca and I had valuable conversations that allowed us to reach a sound agreement that will take care of faculty. Thanks to Doug Kruzel for working through the changes. Now we are hopeful to find some agreement so that the adjunct faculty can continue to do the work they are so needed to do on our campus.
  • A final thanks to Bill Johnson for his budget briefing last week. I, and members of my executive team, appreciated his thoroughness in discussing the process and goals for the next fiscal year.
  • I would like to end by noting the outstanding faculty who are retiring: Kathy Scott, Rosemary Rader, Max Gibson, and Mike King. We will all miss them so very much and wish them the best.


Thank you

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