Comments to the Board of Trustees, 9/27/2016

Dear Colleagues,

  • Below the line and embedded in this message, you will find notes from the Tuesday night Board of Trustees’ meeting. Please let any of your representatives know if you have any questions.
  • The October edition of For the Record will highlight the endorsement process for the Board of Trustee candidates — coming soon to your inbox.


David Fitzpatrick’s notes for September 27, 2016

Good Evening.

David cannot be here tonight or for any Tuesday night Board meeting this semester because he is teaching a Tuesday evening class.  In his absence, Julie and I [Jason Withrow] will be delivering the WCCEA’s message to the Board of Trustees.

There are number of issues we’d like to bring to your attention.

**First, we’d like to recognize Arnett Chisolm’s efforts in supporting the United States Olympic team in Rio de Janeiro.  This is not the first time that Arnett has served our nation’s Olympic team, and we are immensely proud of his efforts and that he is again a member of our faculty.

**We are at the start of a new academic year, and we are very glad that a process is underway to replace some long-serving faculty who have recently retired.  Still, over the last 7 years the number of full-time faculty have declined 13% (214 in 2009; 186 today, ten of whom have been hired in the last few months).  Enrollments have declined, but faculty responsibilities have not, and this becomes especially acute as, this year, we move full bore into preparing for our 2019 accreditation visit.  We urge the Board and the administration to continue to hire more full-time faculty.

**In preparation for that visit, this is the “Year of Assessment.”  Four faculty—Michelle Garey, Dave Wooten, Amanda Scheffler, and Gloria Velarde—along with Dean Good and Joy Garrett—attended an HLC academy on assessment and are leading our efforts in that area.  We thank them for the tremendous amount of work they have and will put into it.

**We are, yet again, working with the administration to develop an evaluation system for the full-time, adjunct, and part-time faculty.  There are serious problems with the system that we agreed to just this past February, and we are working to fix them.

**The summer the College and the WCCEA came to an agreement on a reimbursement process for adjunct faculty found to not meet HLC faculty credentialing standards.  We are now working to come to an agreement on an appeals process for those faculty who wish to contest this decision.  Nothing in the College’s evaluation process of faculty credentials, to this point in time, remotely provides due process.  It is our goal that any appeals process that might be developed clear that bar.

And Julie will address our observations about the College’s enrollment numbers. See the link below.


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