FAQ for Adjunct Faculty

Do I have Sick Time?
Yes – for up to nine hours per academic year. One of the gains from our most recent negotiations was that adjuncts can now use up to three of their hours for the year for personal time. Another gain was that adjuncts no longer have to ask the WCCEA to approve their use of the sick bank time. There is now a specific form for Adjunt Absences that is meant to ensure that access to the WCCEA sick bank will happen automatically. As long as you fill out the absence form upon your return to work, your dean and HR will be making sure that your use of the WCCEA sick bank hours goes through the system smoothly. If any problems occur with that process, please let the union leadership know.

Adjunct Absence Form

How does one become an adjunct at Washtenaw Community College?
An Adjunct faculty member at Washtenaw Community College has taught a minimum of 180 contact hours of credit granting courses in their department for three years (fall and winter semesters), maintained at least a 3.75 mean score (and at least a 40% response rate for each section taught), and has qualified for the ‘waiting for adjunct status’ list.  As the number of current adjunct faculty members (excluding first time emeritus adjunct faculty members) falls below 50% of the full time faculty member authorized strength (currently 214), parttime faculty from the ‘waiting for adjunct status’ list will be granted adjunct status in cohorts determined by senoirity based on the day they qualified for the ‘waiting for adjunct status’ list.  Gaining adjunct status makes you a WCCEA member.  Adjunct members pay one fourth the amount full time faculty do in annual dues, but they have a full vote in all WCCEA elections.

How does one maintain adjunct status?
In addition to filling out the maintain adjunct status form in My WCC before March 1 of each year, retaining adjunct status requires teaching at least 6 credit hours for two full semesters of the academic year, and having at least a 3.75 SOQ mean score (and at least a 40% response rate for each section taught).

What rights do I have as an adjunct?
You have full voting rights in all union elections.  You also have the right to due process.  If the contract has been violated, you have the right to file a grievance through the WCCEA. In addition, as long as there are courses available for you to teach in your discipline, you have the right to teach up to 9 contact hours per week per semester, even if that means ‘bumping’ a part timer.  You have the right to bring a union representative to any disciplinary meeting you are called to by the administration.

What are the benefits to being an adjunct?
While a part time instructor at WCC may teach up to 8 contact hours per week, adjuncts may teach up to 9 contact hours per week, if there are course hours available for them to teach. At this moment, for the school year 2010 – 2011, adjunct faculty earn $801 per credit hour, while part time faculty earn $760 per credit hour.  Adjuncts can pay out of pocket for health care coverage at the group rate available to the college, and are able to contribute to a retirement fund.  Adjuncts may elect to have pre tax dollars set aside from their paychecks throughout the year to cover authorized medical expenses not already covered by insurance.  Finally, adjuncts are currently allotted $200 a year to use towards attending conferences relevant to their field.

What do I pay in dues?
Adjunct members pay between $220 – $230 annually in dues (this is 25% of full timers’ dues).  Of that amount, about $23 goes directly the WCCEA.  The rest is paid toward state (MEA) and national(NEA) dues.  If you itemize work related deductions on your income tax, you may deduct your annual dues.  Dues are taken out of one pay a month between October and May.


What if I am called for Jury Duty?
Contact your Department Chair and Academic Dean immediately! While plans must be made for your courses to be covered in the event of your absence, your pay will not be affected.

If I miss class because of an unavoidable emergency, will I still be paid?
You now have the right to use three (of the nine) hours of WCCEA sick bank time for personal time.  This means that if a tree falls on your car (as happened to an adjunct member several years ago), you’d be able to use the WCCEA sick bank hours.

How do I get a key to the faculty lounge?
You can fill out a key FOB request form (available at the Campus Safety & Security website) at any time.  The Authorizing Signature required must come from Maryam Barrie, our current WCCEA President.  Note: The faculty lounge uses FOB access, and is currently located in LA 382..

Who are my WCCEA representatives?
The representatives for the area of the college in which you teach (General Education, Occupational Education) are your representatives.  You are a full voting member of the WCCEA.  Click here for a list of all the WCCEA officers and representatives.

How could I take a term off and retain adjunct status?
If you are able to teach at least 6 contact hours during spring/summer term, you can make arrangements to not teach for either Fall or Winter term, but the details must be worked out in advance with your Department Chair.