Committees & Coordinators

Curriculum and Assessment Committees –  These committees are each made up of 5 faculty (one from each division) appointed by the WCCEA. These contractual committee makes recommendations to the administration,  involves regular meetings throughout the semester, and its members receive reassign time for their work. Appointments rotate and are generally for 5 years. The current chairs are Dave Wooten (Curriculum) and Michelle Garey (Assessment)

Contract Implementation – this group is made up of the WCCEA President and  WCCEA Chief Negotiator, (Jason Withrow) and 1-3 additional individuals from the WCCEA Executive Board.  Contract Implementation meetings are held monthly with the administration to address contractual issues and to solve problems together.

Faculty Professional Development Committee – This a contractual committee made up of 5 WCCEA appointed faculty.  The committee works to promote and foster teaching excellence in all WCC instructors.  Its members meet regularly throughout the semester, coordinate in-service activities, develop and present workshops that focus on constructive innovations in teaching, and provide peer-based midterm student feedback  sessions upon request.  Its members receive reassign time, and the current chair is Mary Mullalond (

Grievance Committee – this group of WCCEA members work with faculty who have problems and/or concerns with practices in the workplace, assesses whether issues are in violation of the contract, and assists members in writing grievances when necessary.  The current chair is Chris Barrett.

PDE Appeals Committee

Sabbatical Leave Committee – This committee reviews sabbatical applications and recommends their approvals to the WCC Board of Trustees.  There are 3 faculty appointed to the committee by the WCCEA, along with 2 administrators appointed by the Vice President of Instruction.  Membership terms are either for 1 or 2 years (See the Master Agreement, Section 0809.4).  The Vice President of Instruction also serves as an ex officio member of this committee. There are generally 6 sabbaticals awarded each year, and faculty members become eligible to apply after 5 uninterrupted years of service.  The current chair is Justin Carter

Academic Suspension Appeal Committee convenes with administrators roughly three or four times a year, to consider the appeals of students who have been suspended.  It is comprised of administrators and faculty.  The faculty contact person for this group is Carrie Krantz (  Linda Blakey, Vice-President of Student Services, is the committee chair.

Developmental Task Force – This group of WCC faculty and administrators work together to improve and maintain the quality of WCC developmental courses.  They meet monthly throughout the school year. The current chair is Ernesto Querijero.

Environmental Committee – This group meets monthly and promotes environmental awareness and action in campus life.  Members are not appointed to this committee and all members are encouraged to get involved.  For more information, contact Dale Petty (, the committee chairperson.

DL-Bb Faculty Group – This group of faculty meet monthly with the Distance Learning staff to communicate about ongoing issues, design meaningful inservice events and to maintain faculty involvement with Distance Learning decisions and mandates.

Election Coordinator – The Election Coordinator organizes and runs each of the WCCEA elections. Area representatives are elected every year and officers are elected every two years.  Representative and officer elections take place during the March membership meeting. The current coordinator is Gregg Heidebrink (

Membership Coordinator – Enrolls new members, ensures that our membership rolls and dues are current and correct, and communicates required membership information to the MEA.  The current coordinator is Carrie Krantz (

Sickbank Coordinator – Approves use of sick bank hours (per the WCCEA Master Agreement) in the event that full time members have used up their personal sick time.  This now includes approving a limited use of the sickbank in the event that adjuncts miss class due to illness.  The current coordinator is Jason Withrow