BOT Letter #2

From: Heise, Anne []
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2014 9:18 PM
Subject: No Confidence Vote
Dear Members of the Board of Trustees,

I would like to describe to you the mood in LA 275 as the faculty met to consider a vote of no confidence. People were heartbroken that it had come to this. And yet to me the step was inevitable because every attempt we have made to reach out to you, the Board, and to the Bellanca administration has been rebuffed.

This vote was not about the faculty being unwilling to change. Our concerns are about how the institution operates. The current administration does not adhere to Board policies describing how WCC should operate. Additionally, although we hope rumors regarding fiscal mismanagement will prove untrue, because of these rumors we have taken it upon ourselves as stewards of the institution to investigate them.

I personally am amazed that in the past 18 months only a single Board member has reached out to the WCCEA leadership, despite repeated attempts by Jennifer Baker to warn all of you of WCC’s problems. I think Washtenaw County voters and taxpayers will be as amazed as I am at your remarkable lack of curiosity about WCC’s problems. I hope this vote will convince you that you need to learn more about WCC’s leadership problems. Having serious conversations with the WCC leadership would be a great place to start. Brushing off this vote as the faculty’s refusal to “change” is irresponsible.

Anne Heise
Co-chair, Life Sciences Department
Washtenaw Community College
(reprinted with permission)



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