BOT Letter #8

From: Garey, Michelle []
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2014 4:06 PM
Subject: Vote of No Confidence
Dear Members of the Board of Trustees,

In a statement that was issued almost immediately after WCC faculty had held a vote of no confidence to underscore the failed leadership of President Bellanca, Board Chair Anne Williams made a statement on behalf of the Board of Trustees dismissing the vote as “an unfortunate distraction.”

It is striking that the Board of Trustee’s statement was officially issued by Wendy Lawson, Vice President of College Advancement. The fact that the Board of Trustee’s statement was issued by a subordinate of the very president whose leadership has been called into question not only “defies logic” but is a prime example of the complete dismantling of the institutional chain of command which has plagued the college ever since President Bellanca’s arrival nearly three years ago. This undeniable lack of checks and balances has resulted in our currently bloated administration which has been allowed to run amuck and may explain why the Board of Trustees has chosen to belittle faculty’s concerns, dismissing them as a fear of change rather than undertaking the much more difficult task of addressing these very real concerns in a professional, respectful, and effectual manner.

At our faculty meeting yesterday, where an overwhelming vote of no confidence in the administrative leadership of President Bellanca was held, one of our colleagues stated that it was not our responsibility but rather that of the Board of Trustees to investigate the various concerns brought forth by WCC faculty and outlined in the WCCEA’s resolution, which was sent to the Board a week prior to yesterday’s vote. I have to agree. In an ideal world, faculty would be able to solely focus their energies on our core mission of student success, which is our charge. However, at a time when official statements by the Board of Trustees are funneled through President Bellanca’s administrative channels rather than messaged to us directly, and the Board continues to rebuff sincere faculty efforts to engage in constructive dialogue, we are left with no other recourse but to also take up the charge of administrative oversight for the welfare of our students and beloved college community.

Michelle Garey
Chair of Assessment
Department Chair of Foreign Languages
(reprinted with permission)


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