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WCCEA General Membership Meeting 1 October 2015

1. Budget Proposal for 2015-2016 budgetproposal2015-2016

2. Ultratime for Classified Faculty – let the WCCEA Board know if overtime problems arise

3. HLC Concerns – we have the ‘final’ word from HLC (attached here again). QualifiedFacultyGuidelines_2015-10_OPB

4. Three Union Leader Lunch October 8 2015

5. Contractual Sick Hours Accumulation Full time faculty working as advisors, counselors, and librarian report are not receiving 96 sick hours per year, only 80, as David looked at Banner reports with Marla and determined that only Classified Faculty had ever gotten 96 sick hours a year.

6. The LOA for the revised evaluation plan is in the VPI’s office – news as it develops.

7. Recent ruling from the Office of Retirement Services on Professional Services Leave and Professional Services Released Time – MPSERS members or their union must recompense their employer for MPSERS retirement contributions IF their release time is related to Union Work. Your current president participates in MPSERS. She/we may be liable to pay WCC up to $15,000 for the upcoming academic year.

8. 8. Justin Carter – “Public Education is under attack – why are we attacking each other?” In multiple departments across the college, faculty on faculty tensions, poor behavior and hard feelings are rampant. We need to behave professionally with one another, even when that isn’t easy. Philo of Alexandria reminds us to”Be Kind, for everyone we meet is engaged in a great battle”. I’d add to that we are in a climate with relatively new deans, who may not have a great store of management experience. In the past month, I’ve been in meetings where deans are concerned with the tone of emails, as well as the tone of voice a faculty member used in a heated conversation with another faculty. There are more departments reporting conflict than I’ve ever experienced in my years here at the college. There are multiple allegations across the college of harassment, bullying, and creating a hostile, unsafe working environment for others. While of course, it is appropriate to report serious problems to HR for their team to investigate, some of the issues that have been taken to HR, and to the Deans, could have been handled with open and frank conversations within the department. We need to be willing to police ourselves in this climate. If we can’t solve our own internal problems, we are asking this administration to step in. I don’t know that we can trust them to get the full story as they do this. I’ve heard that VPI Nealon’s theoretical plan for our future is for Department Chairs to be the college’s academic leadership, and for the Union to deal only with wages, benefits, and the contract. That may well be a good direction for us, but it would require quite a few shifts for many of us.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts. Take care,

Maryam Barrie

English Professional Faculty
WCCEA President