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BOT Remarks September 19, 2017


The College’s Board of Trustees met last night.  I have attached (BOT 19Sept17) my remarks to this email.

Much happened.

First, I want to thank all of the faculty who came to support the OPTs.  They appreciated your being there, I know, as did I!  Thank you.

And thanks, especially, to Anne Garcia for her particularly pointed and poignant comments.  She, far more than I, cut to the heart of the issue.  Please take the time to see what she said, both about police on campus and about the OPTs, when the video of the meeting becomes available.

Claire Sparklin spoke to the Board about the new Gen Ed requirements before the Board for its approval.  She spoke eloquently about how those changes did a disservice to our students and urged them to reject the new policy so that it might be reconsidered and reworked.  Nevertheless the Board approved the new policy.

Finally, despite it not being on the Board’s agenda for “action,” it voted on and approved the creation of a campus police force last night.  As my earlier to you indicated, I am not surprised by this, but it indicates the degree to which some board members don’t care if they mislead the public about their intentions at upcoming meetings.  And, again, when the video becomes available, I urge you to watch the discussion that ensued as this measure was being considered.  The arrogance and disrespect for contrary opinions was manifest.

So, not good news.

Hope you’re having a good semester!


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Support for the OPTA

On August 12, 2107, the Office Professional/Technical Association (OPTA) held an informational picket. The OPTs are working on a contract extension as the contract expired June 30, 2017. Negotiations are set to continue this week. Please review the flyer that was passed out during the informational picket.

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Remarks to the Board of Trustees, June 27, 2017


The Board of Trustees met last night (6/27).  I used my time before the board to voice support for the OPTs.

This is a negotiation year for them.  Three weeks ago they reached a tentative agreement with the College but the membership voted the contract down.  The primary issue was pay.  OPTs at the bottom of the scale would have seen a less than $10/week increase in their pay.

So both sides are back to the bargaining table today.

I therefore encouraged the Board to rethink its approach to negotiations and to be more generous to this very important and under-compensated employee group.

All of this was against the backdrop of the Board’s agenda last night, which included a proposed renewal of the president’s contract.  It approved a 1.5% pay increase ($214,307 to $217,522) along with a $12,000 deferred compensation bonus.  That package was approved by a 6-1 vote.

Seems the College can afford a better deal for the OPTs.

Dr. David Fitzpatrick
History Instructor
Faculty President
Washtenaw Community College

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BOT SPECIAL Meeting on June 13 at 5pm

Agenda – June 13 2017

This meeting will be held in SC 211 before moving to closed session in SC 229. There will be time for public remarks.

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Comments to the Board of Trustees (February-April)

Our apologies for posting these comments so late.

From April 25, 2017

Presented by Julie Kissel on David Fitzpatrick’s behalf

  1. Survey Results

David presented a one question survey to the full-time and adjunct faculty (over 250 faculty) starting the week of April 9, following Scott Hilden’s presentation to the faculty on April 6 concerning the police force.

Question:  Do you support the College’s Plan for campus policing as you understand it?

Total Respondents = 145

Yes: 59 (40.7%)
No:  86 (59.3%)

Certainly, impressions regarding the establishment of a WCC police force are complex and in flux on this campus.

  1. On Doug Kruzel’s Retirement…from David Fitzpatrick

I apologize that I could not attend tonight due to illness.  I especially am sorry that I could not make it because I wanted to say personally what follows:

For the last 14 years, first as the chief negotiator for the WCCEA and then as its president, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Doug Kruzel.  We’ve crossed swords more than once, and quite often we have agreed to disagree with one another.  Through it all we worked together to improve in important ways the relationship between the faculty and the College.  More importantly, I always knew that I’d get a straight answer from him, no matter the question or subject.

Doug, you will be missed.  Good luck to you in retirement.

  1. As David has mentioned in previous meetings, any Trustees interested in visiting a class, please feel free to contact the WCCEA leadership for more information.


From March 28, 2017

  • David thanked Trustee Milliken for visiting his classroom and invited any of the trustees to visit a class. Faculty are eager to extend invitations.
  • David urged the BOT and College to  make an effort to seek out feedback from staff and faculty regarding a campus police force. The public sessions in April and May are for the public, but there should be a way for employees to note their concerns, questions, or support. (Per the Board, the April 25 and May 23 meetings will begin at 5pm to accommodate two public hearings to gather input for the establishment of a WCC police force.)
  • Since a marketing director is in place, David urged him to engage with faculty from across the College to highlight the variety of courses and programs available.


From February 28, 2017

David covered two points at the meeting:

  1. Welcome to Kim Hurns the new VPI. David is proud that another faculty member has taken on this role and is looking forward to working with her. In fact, discussions with VP Hurns started the day after the announcement to the position. The contract implementation (CI) meeting on Monday was very productive, and there is hope this will continue.
  2. Also at CI, Linda Blakey and Scott Hilden (Campus Security) presented the options that the BOT will consider regarding policing on campus. The department chairs were briefed before break as well. At CI, we discussed the need for a way that faculty and staff can provide feedback about this important issue. The administration committed to finding a way to do this.
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Email from Dr. Fitzpatrick, WCCEA President to WCC President Bellanca

Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2017 4:28 PM

President Bellanca,

President Trump’s actions this past week regarding Mexico and toward immigrants from NW Africa and SW Asia have caused great consternation within our nation and within the community of students and scholars who are not citizens.

Today the University of Michigan issued a statement of support for its international community, one that made clear that it would continue to adhere to its policies of non-discrimination.  It can be found at:

I urge in the strongest terms that Washtenaw Community College adopt a similar statement.  Please let us be among the leaders in saying that we will not tolerate this intolerance.

Thank You
Dr. David J. Fitzpatrick
Washtenaw Community College Education Association

UPDATE: President Bellanca responded to Dr. Fitzpatrick  on Sunday morning (11am) stating that an official statement will be released on Monday.

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