Remarks to the Board of Trustees, June 27, 2017


The Board of Trustees met last night (6/27).  I used my time before the board to voice support for the OPTs.

This is a negotiation year for them.  Three weeks ago they reached a tentative agreement with the College but the membership voted the contract down.  The primary issue was pay.  OPTs at the bottom of the scale would have seen a less than $10/week increase in their pay.

So both sides are back to the bargaining table today.

I therefore encouraged the Board to rethink its approach to negotiations and to be more generous to this very important and under-compensated employee group.

All of this was against the backdrop of the Board’s agenda last night, which included a proposed renewal of the president’s contract.  It approved a 1.5% pay increase ($214,307 to $217,522) along with a $12,000 deferred compensation bonus.  That package was approved by a 6-1 vote.

Seems the College can afford a better deal for the OPTs.

Dr. David Fitzpatrick
History Instructor
Faculty President
Washtenaw Community College

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